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Across America North Trek

Welcome to our toughest trip! Bike more than 3500 miles over 55 days from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. This trek is an achievement like no other.

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European Grand Tour

On this incredible tour, you’ll bike through Britain, France, Belgium, and Holland, getting to know each country’s landscapes, culture, and people.

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Great Allegheny Passage Trek

Spend 16 days biking scenic trails from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC on the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal Tow Path.

Maine Coast Trek

The beautiful harbors, small towns, and winding back roads along the coastline from Boston, MA to Bar Harbor, ME make this adventure unforgettable.

New England Shore Trek

Travel from New York City to Boston through beautiful seaside towns and along great beaches on this 16-day adventure.

Pacific Northwest Trek

This route follows the breathtaking views looking out over the Puget Sound through hip towns in Washington and up to Vancouver, Canada.

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New York City - Montreal Trek

Ride up through the Hudson Valley, taking dips in lakes and rivers along the way, through French Canada to Montreal.

Lake Ontario Trek

Bike all the way around Lake Ontario on an international adventure that includes Niagara Falls, Toronto, and the beautiful Thousand Islands region.

Niagara - Toronto Trek

Discover world-class tourist destinations and awesome bike trails along the Niagara River and Lake Ontario shore.

Cape Cod Trek

This biking adventure takes you out of Boston on a ferry to Provincetown, biking Cape Cod, ferrying to Martha’s Vineyard, and on to Boston.

Connecticut - Rhode Island Trek

Travel the shorelines of Connecticut and Rhode Island and enjoy sandy beaches, winding back roads, and charming New England towns.

1000 Mile Challenge Trek

Cycle just over 1,000 miles through rolling farm country, alongside the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, and through bustling cities.

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California Coast Trek

California’s bright, sunny days and cooling ocean breezes make biking its coastline a summer in paradise.


Green Ireland Trek

This 28-day bike trek will take you through Ireland’s major cities and its gorgeous countryside, through thousands of years of Celtic culture.

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2020 Adventures

Amsterdam - Paris Trek

This 16-day trip will give you an amazing introduction to Europe as you tour great sites in three bike-friendly countries.

D&R Canal Trek

Join us to explore American history and picturesque cities! Stay away from busy roads and enjoy your ride on this six-day introduction to bicycle touring.

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